Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nürnberg Day 2

John from Holland is our savior. He is the importer of Canaan Fair Trade products in the Netherlands and luckily had enough olive oil, sundried tomatoes, couscous, almonds, soap, pickled olives and za'atar in stock to bring boxes of it with him down here to Nuremberg. He's also exhibiting at the fair.

So nuts to the Dutch customs! We get to have our trade show regardless of how long they're keeping our products.

But we could use our pamphlets and posters and everything.

Anyway, it looks really good now at our stand. (I'd show you pictures, but apparently you need a USB cable to transfer the pictures from the digital camera onto the computer... who would have thought?)

Tomorrow morning, we'll run across the street and get fresh bread for our booth, take the subway to the fair, put up our olives, sundried tomatoes, za'atar and our olive oils for sampling, and we're ready to go!

I'll upload photos when I get back to Sweden.

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