Monday, October 19, 2009

Ramallah Days

It is almost seven o'clock in the evening and the call for prayer is echoing in the olive tree valley outside our apartment building. It's dark, but still warm. Maybe 25 degrees Celsius.

Occupation, checkpoints and politics aside, the West Bank is a beautiful place.

We're getting ready to go out. Fabulously funny new friend Tarek is taking us out for dinner--gorgeous Brazilian room mate Ana with a heart of gold, sweetest, silly, polite and loyal friend and room mate Mahran, and I.

But before I go: I saw a director of a Palestinian newspaper who wants me to interview, write and edit for him. I'm still waiting to hear from a news agency in Bethlehem about a job as an English editor there, and I have this American NGO guy in Gaza to discuss a new project with. Nothing very set yet, but I have a feeling things are happening.

Tell you more as things develop. Now I have a dinner date with Ramallah!

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