Friday, January 8, 2010

Check Point Anecdote of the Day

Tarek and I were pulled over at the checkpoint going to Bethlehem yesterday evening, and this little Israeli soldier who didn't look a day over 18 walked up to our window a little insecurely. Hesitated for a couple of seconds, as if he were waiting for us to start the conversation. Then he went:

"Where are you going?"

Tarek: "Bethlehem."

Soldier: "Are you Christian?"

Tarek: "No."

Soldier: "Your IDs."

Tarek: "So if we were Christians, we wouldn't have to show you our IDs?"

"Soldier: "No, today is a Christian holiday."

We were both like "Huh?!" and "Is he kidding?!" inside, but handed over our IDs. Yesterday was Christmas Eve of Orthodox Christians, but neither one of us knew that on such occasions Christians do not--by default--present a security threat. It seems as if Muslims, however, always do.

The Israeli soldier, as they do at checkpoints here, looked over my passport a little suspiciously, and asked me where I'm from.

Me: "Sweden."

Soldier (who had decided we didn't pose a security threat after all): "Enjoy your time," and handed back our IDs.

Because, as we all know, it would have said on our IDs if we were terrorists.

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Mrs Achmed the Terrorist said...

..we'll im married to "achmed the terrorist" and it says so clearly on my passport.. thats why i cant come visit :( när de öppnar mitt pass börjar den spela som ett gammalt födelsedags-kort- "dont trust me, dont trust me ill blow u up before u can say banana hamock! (melodi är unknown til now :)

Ruby said...

That's why you should always think twice before you get married, Mrs Achmed. Especially if their last name is "The Terrorist." As for music-playing passports... I thought they took them off the market since somebody said it was "integritetskrankande"?!

Mirja said...

no, no... they like to kränka folks integritet.. speciellt muslimers... fan ta hatfulla människor!!! föresten, hatbrotten ökar i sverige.. fattar du att muslimer blir FÖRDRIVA från sina hem i söderfuckingtälje?!?!? asså, IDJETTS!!!!

Ruby said...

Men Gud. I Södertälje?! Måste alla gå omkring och hata muslimer? Jeez.

Vad hände med Peace, Love and Understanding?!