Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Arbitrariness of Israeli Occupation Policies

Apparently, they have a new rule at Qalandia check point.

Those of you who read my blog regularly will recall the previous rule changes at Qalandia:

When I first came here, the Israeli soldier's rule was: stand in whichever line you wish.

Then they changed it to: men in one line, women in another, and mixed in a third.

Then there came a new rule: those with handbags in one line, those without in another.

Today it's suddenly: people with green IDs (that is, West Bank resident IDs) in one line, all others in the other.

But the good news is that it only took us about 20 minutes to walk the 20 meters or so to get to the other side. Which, according to the whole world, is illegally occupied East Jerusalem. According to Israel, however, it's Israel.

To make their point, they have put up signs that say "Israel" in Hebrew and Arabic, with arrows pointing towards the exit.

Israel ------->

(Pictures aren't allowed at the check point, hence the weird angle and low cell phone camera quality).

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