Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Beach

I didn't tell you that we went to the beach the other day, did I?

If not: we went to the beach the other day.

It was a sunny, windy day and the gemstone-green Mediterranean thrusted its waters onto the seashore, wave after wave.

We spent hours in the warm water, tumbling around in the waves, (sort of) body surfing... (that is to say, Tarek tried to teach me. I might have gotten it right once or twice, but mostly I was just caught in the middle of enormously huge waves, sucked under the water, spun around a few times; I scrubbed against the sandy bottom, and then popped up again, gasping for air with eyes burning from the salty water)... I said, sort of body surfing... for hours and hours, not really minding the scorching sun and definitely ignoring the beach guards shouting at us in Hebrew through their loudspeakers. Supposedly something in the line of: you are not allowed to swim outside the designated swimming area!

But we didn't understand.

Once, we got out of the water as a nice gesture, but everybody else was still swimming so we jumped right back in, immediately swallowed by the waves again.

Tarek Swallowed by a Wave

Me Swallowed by Another Wave

Imagine if we were allowed to go there without permits, checkpoints and all that crap. Then we could take the car tomorrow morning and be there within an hour. And get all sunburned, sandy, sweaty and salty again. But Tarek doesn't have a permit to go to Israel now. So we'll have to make do with the hotel swimming pools here.

Yay (kind of unenthusiastic... although it's certainly better than nothing).

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