Monday, January 31, 2011

My Egyptian Friends

I can't get a hold of my Egyptian friends. The internet is still down since the night of the 27th, as everybody knows, but the cell phones should be working again. The sms service is reportedly down, but I've tried calling. But nothing. I called landlines too.

I'm worried, because I know at least some of my friends were out in the protests the first couple of days, before it got so chaotic.

The only news I have is through my little sister's husband who manages to talk to his family. The men are out on the street, protecting their neighborhood from looters (who are, according to hundreds and hundreds of reports, apparently mostly police officers in plain clothes); his father, actually a police officer, but not a looter, brought his gun home for the first time in his life to protect his family.

And my little sister's husband's cousin is at home, recovering from the police beatings he was victim to on Friday the 28th when he took part in the protests.

And I'm waiting. Hoping to hear from the others somehow. Watching the brave Egyptian people, out protesting for the seventh day in a row.

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