Thursday, February 3, 2011

Directly from Cairo

Until I have more time to write, I will paste this quote by an Egyptian who calls himself Sandmonkey:
I am sorry that your lives and businesses are disrupted, but this wasn’t caused by the Protesters. The Protesters aren’t the ones who shut down the internet that has paralyzed your businesses and banks: The government did. The Protesters weren’t the ones who initiated the military curfew that limited your movement and allowed goods to disappear off market shelves and gas to disappear: The government did. The Protesters weren’t the ones who ordered the police to withdraw and claimed the prisons were breached and unleashed thugs that terrorized your neighborhoods: The government did. The same government that you wish to give a second chance to, as if 30 years of dictatorship and utter failure in every sector of government wasn’t enough for you.
To read the full blog post, just click on the quote. It's well worth reading. Gives a recap over the last 10 days from somebody who experienced it firsthand. (The only thing is that the three million he said demonstrated on Tuesday, was actually eight million according to many news sources).

OK. I promise to come with more updates later today. I'm literally watching the developments in Egypt minute-by-minute (which makes it difficult for me to sleep and do my work properly... oops... but it's not every day a whole nation rises up in a revolution that will change the country, the region and, frankly, the whole world forever).

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