Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't Lose Hope

Another copy-paste blog post while I'm supposed to be working:

If you thought that Mubarak's security people and rented supporters could break the spirit of the Egyptian people, think again.

After the battles yesterday that killed at least three, but probably more like 8, and injured hundreds and hundreds, the pro-democracy protesters have regained control of Al-Tahrir Square.

And the spirit of cooperation cannot be broken:

 (on Twitter)
Incredible scenes of heroism and defiance in  makeshift clinics, frontline reinforcements arriving, this is the battle for 

Peter Beaumont and Jack Shenker reports for the Guardian:
"Some sections of the roadway are so littered with debris and torn apart by those seeking rocks to throw that they are now impassable. But social organisation amongst the pro-change forces remains strong, with groups cooking breakfast over fires and handing out food amongst the crowds."

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