Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sandmonkey Arrested

The Egyptian I quoted earlier today, who calls himself Sandmonkey, has been arrested according to another Egyptian Twitter user.

 Zeinobia Famous Egyptian blogger Mahmoud aka @ has been arrested    spread the news

I don't know him, but I've followed him on Twitter for a week now... and anyway, right now, all Egyptians fighting for freedom are my brothers and sisters.


It has been confirmed. Sandmonkey is arrested. 

RamyYaacoub Breaking news: @Sandmonkey was arrested by state security. They called his father and claimed he has revolution leaflets #Egypt #Jan25
 Breaking news - Confirmed: @ got arrested! 
I'm sure the fact that the Guardian, BBC and countless others quote his eyewitness reports from the Egyptian Revolution has nothing to do with it.

Update #2:

Sandmonkey's blog is taken off the internet. I wish I had copy-pasted his entire blog post before.

Update #3:

Sandmonkey has been released.

Update #4:

Read his account of what happened here.

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